Gloucester County Christian School (GCCS)

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Gloucester County Christian School exists with the purpose of assisting Christian parents in the education of their children.

GCCS seeks to admit students of parents who will support the school’s mission. Our mission is to help our students:

> Acquire the tools they need to equip them for life.
Use the tools to edify and to help them live for Christ.
> Master the tools and educate them for their Christian walk.

 2 Timothy 3:16,17


Gloucester County Christian School, organized and established in 1964, stands on 60 acres of land near Pitman and Glassboro.  The facility, owned and operated by Hardingville Bible Church, includes multiple buildings for separate grade levels, including a recently completed building for the Senior High.  Throughout the rest of our campus, our acreage contains five sports fields, two gyms, three playgrounds, and a tennis court.

The board selects the faculty based on their Christian testimony, education preparation, and teaching experience.  The teachers work with the goal of giving each student a thorough Christian education.

Taught from a Biblical perspective, our students in grades preschool through twelve excel at local, regional, and national levels of academic, fine arts, and sports competitions.